With 200 Million people in this country, Indonesia offers yet a promising place to invest for business practitioners.In streamline with this perspective and globalization of world economy, resulting in an increase in needs of products and services exchanged, Logistic become inevitably a promising industry sector Aside from promising market opportunity offered this idea is inspired by common nature of business currently.

Mission Statement
Offer the highest level of commitment to employee, customers, suppliers and business partners. Ensuring that we grow become profitable and build on our business into the future To Sustain Level of Service for the clients that not only meets, but also surpasses their expectation.

Client expectations towards to use EZY Relo :
– Competitive price
– Substantial and completeness of facilities
– Quality of service
– Quality of man Power

Who needs moving and logistic service

  1. Telecommunication company
  2. Oil Service companies
  3. Company in the production sector (Machinery operating companies)4. All EZY RELO’s clients requiring such services

1 Advantages
a. Competitive price
b. Substantial facilities with international standard
c. High level quality of services
2. Convenience
a. Trouble Free
b. Clients absence of manpower and facility
c. Provider a one-stop-services
d. Enables clients to carry on with their daily operations comfortably
3. Satisfaction
a. Assures safety of the goods
b. Fast and proactive team
c. “Take it personally” attitude